The Photographic Eye

This is a gallery of unique samples of my work, separated by categories.

The Categories include Candid Favorites, Real Estate, Portrait Photography and Abstract Photography.

 This part of the site is constantly updated and under construction.

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Candid Favorites

These are some of my favorite photographs. I get them when I take my camera on a photographic adventure. The entire world opens up for me and all things become subjects. These are my magazine quality photographs to showcase my ability to capture a wide array of opportunities in my own unique way.

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Real Estate

This Gallery is a Work in Progress. More to come! 

Real Estate is a very important avenue of photography. It is important to display whatever property your are selling in the most accurate and beautful way possible. Lighting is key. Along with natural light, I use long exposure techniques and unique flashes to create a three-dimensional looking image. 

If it is food, I want people to feel like they can smell or even taste it. If it is a vehicle, I want them to feel like they are able to touch it. If it is a property, I want the viewer to feel at home when they see it.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is always fun but not everyone can make it look good. The reason is because the subjects in the photo have to make the shot look good. My job as a photographer is to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can let their inhibitions down and be themselves.

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The Abstract can be percieved by a billion different people in a billion different ways. The abstract can be seen in people, places and things. The abstract is fun, challenging and exciting. It can be seen in ways created or it can come by accidental chance. The abstract can distract the mind and open our senses to see the world from out side of the box. The abstract is a very real part of our lives.

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